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PANEVEZYS (Global Games | FIBA U19 World Championship) - Lucas Nogueira is not worried about the teams Brasil are going to face in the 2011 FIBA World Championship, nor is he about any particular player, as the most important thing for the friendly and open-hearted Brazilian is just giving all he has got.

The big Brasilian's hair stands out just as much as his game, but it has been all about the latter lately, as Nogueira has been working hard to improve his game and become a better player and says there are no limits for improvement,

And sky seems to be the only limit for Nogueira, as he has been one of the best basketball players that Brasil has recently produced. The big man averaged 15.6 points and 10.0 rebounds in last year's FIBA Americas U18 Championship, but admits that it has been the World Championship that he has been waiting for over a year.

We sat down with the player after one of Brasil's games in the Global Games tournament to talk about the upcoming World Championship and the team's opponents in Latvia.

FIBA: What is your form before the upcoming World Championship?

Lucas Nogueira: I feel that I'm ready. I've been waiting for the World Championship for over a year and have been practicing a lot lately. But you can never be ready, you can never be one hundred percent, because there will always be something you can work on and improve at.

FIBA: How is the World Championship different from the FIBA Americas Championship?

Nogueira: The difference is that in FIBA Americas Championship you concentrate on teams you already know. In the World Championship you have the opportunity to play against different schools of basketball, so it's a lot different.

FIBA: Is there a player in particular you're looking forward to playing against?

Nogueira: There's no player that I'd particularly like to play against, but perhaps Valanciunas because of the attention he has been drawing from the media.

FIBA: Have you discussed about the group opponents with your coach?

Nogueira: We know a little bit about Russia and Poland, but we haven't gone into specifics yet. We haven't really met in any official meetings, but we've been discussing about all the teams and the players. I feel that if we don't play well, don't give a hundred percent, we're going to lose and lose by a lot, because all of the teams are equal.


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